Aleksandra Godlevska

Aleksandra Godlevska is an illustrator and graphic designer who has over a decade of steady experience in the field of art. Her vast expertise in both painting, continuous line drawing, and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator gives her versatility through her skills.

Her single-line drawing style allows for originality and modernism whilst still looking minimalistic. As this style lends itself to both realism and fantasy it can convey a variety of subjects all while looking fresh, original, and clean.

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Aleksandra is a talent in line art style. She works as Vinapa’s art consultant, and her work has been seen in a variety of projects, including interior designs, web designs, and book designs such as the book “Ukrainian Angels”.

She is the artist behind the artworks collection ”The Day You Born”, “Twinkle Little Star”, “My Little Friend”, “Sibling Love” and other collections.

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